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Yacht Crane Comparison Guide!

A comparison of the top 10 yacht crane industry standards for speed, price, service, quality and more.

364kg WD800

WD800 Whisper Davit, detail of truck, standpipe mount

WD800 Whisper Davit, detail of truck, standpipe mount


DWG Drawing

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  • 355° manual rotation
  • Smooth quiet operation
  • Linear Winch
  • Easy installation
  • Composite rope (not steel cable)
  • Proof tested to 125% of capacity
  • Destructively tested to 300%
  • Powder coated paint finish
  • Two year Platinum warranty
  • 12 or 24 volt DC power unit
  • Standpipe assembly
  • Electric Hydraulic


  • Pedestal Base mount
  • Power luffing
  • Custom specifications available upon request
  Capacity Reach Safety Factor Weight Hoist Cable Cable SF Hoist Height Winch Tpe Multi Function Hyfraulics
WD800 600 lbs
(272 kg)
(244 cm)
3.1 215 lbs
(98 kg)
10:1 17ft
(518 cm)
Linear Winch