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Yacht Crane Comparison Guide!

A comparison of the top 10 yacht crane industry standards for speed, price, service, quality and more.

682kg ES1500

ES 1500

DWG Drawing

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  • Infinite 355° power rotation
  • Smooth quiet operation
  • Low profile European design
  • 4 function hydraulics (luffing, boom extension, rotation, winch)
  • Linear Winch
  • Composite rope (not steel cable)
  • Proof tested to 125% of capacity
  • FEA (Finite Element Analysis) to 3 times SWL (Safe Working Load)
  • Color match finish
  • Two year Platinum warranty
  • Telescoping from 7ft(84")2m stowed to 12ft(144")3.6m extended
  • 20ft(240")6m line travel
  • Power extending boom under weight
  • Electric Hydraulic


  • 12 or 24 volt DC power units
  • Standpipe or Aluminum round base
  • Custom specifications available upon request
  • Wireless controlled
  • 10ft reach
  Capacity Reach Safety Factor Weight Hoist Cable Cable SF Hoist Height Winch Tpe Multi Function Hyfraulics
ES1500 1500 lbs
(682 kg)
2.25:1 602 lbs
(275 kg)
9:1 20ft
Linear Luffing, Extension, Rotation, Winch